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Skywagons' Purchase Policies


    We will accept a refundable deposit of $5,000 on any aircraft to hold it for about a week or whatever we agree upon based on the circumstances. If the aircraft is purchased in this period or soon after, for a reasonable time the deposit will always fully apply to the agreed purchase price of the plane as long as the plane is purchased.

    The approximate week holding period is to allow an inspection and the pre-approval for financing. If the plane is eventually purchased and the time has gone over a week, then the deposit applies to the purchase anyway. 

    We will accept backup deposits for the number two and number three positions. These will always be refundable until the back-up buyer becomes the new number one buyer and at that point the new "holding period" starts.

CALIFORNIA SALES TAX.  There is no California sales tax collected for customers that do not live in California. The only additional charge is $200.00 for Title Search, FAA paperwork and Guarantee of clear title. All aircraft must be paid for, in full, prior to leaving our facility. The only acceptable form of payment are wire transfers. Escrow, if needed, and it's expense, is the sole burden of the purchaser. We advise to not use escrow as we already file the FAA paperwork, guarantee clear title and provide a title search if requested.

Aircraft Brokerage Policy: Our marketing fee is 8% of the selling price on aircraft (Certified Single Engine Only) valued below $200,000 and 6% above $200,000. Please e-mail or call for a copy of our Aircraft Marketing Agreement. All listings are exclusive. Many times a potential customers will travel here to look at a particular aircraft and end up buying a different aircraft when they get here due to our varied inventory. Therefore, we do require that the aircraft ideally be re-located to our facility in Placerville, California so that we can represent it with maximum exposure with the other 20 to 25 aircraft we normally have available.

Additionally, we recommend that the aircraft be professionally detailed i.e. de-greased, paint touch-up, buffed and waxed if required. Detail cost is $300 for a de-grease, buff and waxed. Cost for paint touch-up varies depending on how much work is involved. As far as price, we pretty much let our customers put their own price on their planes. Price within the market dictates how quickly they will sell. Email specs and pictures to MARK@SKYWAGONS.COM and we will give you our opinion on what we think it will sell for or what we will pay for it if we were to buy it outright. All aircraft are always advertised in every online and paper medium in the world.

We will submit all reasonable offers to you from potential buyers. If you wish to move forward let us know and I will email necessary paperwork. If you need help in moving the plane to our facility, let us know as we have independent ferry pilots available. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate calling us on 530-642-2806 or my cell on 530 306 4648. While every effort is made to ensure that the information provided by Skywagons.com. LLC. is correct, Skywagons.com, LLC. can make no warranties expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information. Buyers should rely on their own inspections of the aircraft and should verify all information for accuracy. Skywagons.com, LLC. 3501 Airport Rd. Hngr #2, Placerville, Ca. 95667..